Big Climate Plan Starts Today


Climate Action – The Biggest Journey Starts with the First Step

Today marks the first steps taken by Topform towards becoming a carbon-neutral company. The government has committed to plans for Ireland to have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Managing Director, Paul Glynn commented that “saving the planet is not going to be done by governments alone, we must play our part in the process. The aim is to raise our game on this issue urgently.”

To get an indication of how to improve our carbon output, we must know the current emissions the company produces every year. This will be a complicated process but through measurement, we can gain a lot of insights into where, to begin with, the process. Paul continues, “by establishing a baseline for our carbon footprint, we can tackle the areas of greatest importance at the start. The focus is on what we can do first and then move on to everything else.”

Understanding your Climate Impact

By starting to understand our emissions, the plan is to get ahead of any future changes by becoming more energy efficient from start to finish – beginning with our suppliers all the way to the end customer. “We have always bought eco-materials now we must manufacture in an eco-friendly manner, stated Paul.

Aligning with government regulations and looking to exceed the minimum expectations for reducing emissions, we look to continue our role as a market leader in the manufacturing industry within Ireland. It is not just what the companies can do to reduce emissions, we must begin to look at our personal behaviours to meet targets. The process will be long and difficult but the results will be worth it. We begin that climate journey today.