Product Range


We produce some of Ireland’s best known kitchen worktops:

TopShape is the ultimate square edge kitchen worktop

TopShape is the ultimate square edge kitchen worktop. Topform’s very best laminate worktop is represented here in our TopShape range with many new innovative textures and new designs. You will note the careful selection of matching edging for TopShape where the textured kitchen worktops also have a matching textured edging for your laminate worktop.
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TopPlus premium range of laminate kitchen worktops

Stepping up the ladder in terms of quality you will find our TopPlus postformed kitchen worktop range. This is Topform’s premium range of laminate kitchen worktops. TopPlus combines impressive and innovative design features, aimed at satisfying the needs of quality-conscious customers when looking for laminate worktops. Our TopPlus range has gained in popularity to become the largest range of kitchen worktops in the market.
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TopShape Custom bespoke square edge kitchen worktop service

Our TopShape Custom programme is a bespoke square edge kitchen worktop service whereby, You Design…We Make! Topform allows you to select from our standard widths or have a kitchen worktop custom made to your own special size and design within short lead times and to a reasonable budget. After this is completed you will have the perfect custom cut laminate worktop to finish off your kitchen design.
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To create a natural, authentic look in your kitchen, choose TopWood, our solid wood worktop. Strong, stable and versatile, a TopWood wooden worktop will mature with age and last a lifetime. We are passionate about our solid wood worktops, selecting only the best species worldwide. Our TopWood worktops are suitable for whatever ideas you have for your kitchen.
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