Topform Celebrates 20,000th TopShape Custom Worktop

Just 10 years after requests from our customers for individual bespoke customised kitchen worktops, we recently sold the 20,000th TopShape Custom worktop to Noyeks Newman in Tralee. The success of this product is in part down to the foresight of management 10 years ago to see the potential for growth of customisable islands, breakfast bars and kitchen worktops.

TopShape Custom From Factory to Home

To celebrate this event, we tracked the progress of the TopShape Custom from Topform all the way to the end-user and put it together in a short video. This highlights the teamwork required to go from order to final installation in the home. Working with Noyeks Newman manager – Joe Costello, Sales Rep – Kyle Fitzgibbon in Tralee and Stephen Riordan the installer, the custom kitchen worktop was installed and we think it looks fantastic.


Topform Goes to Tralee

Our Sales Manager, Aisling O’Brien and Marketing Manager, Steve McCarron took a drive down to Tralee to meet the team that purchased the 20,000 TopShape Custom kitchen worktop to acknowledge the milestone with a selection of awards to everyone. Aisling commented ‘the success of the Custom programme has been understanding that people want a variety of designs and sizes to meet their personal needs in the kitchen. TopShape Custom is all about the individuality of the customer and we pride ourselves on meeting those needs continually. We are ecstatic to have sold 20,000 custom worktops and look forward to working with all our customers to sell 20,000 more.

Check out the video and images below. Let us know what you think.

Topform and Noyeks

Sales Rep

The Kitchen Worktop Team

TopShape Custom - Square Edge Kitchen Worktops