SmartArt Panels – Natural Effect Panelling

TopForm is glad to announce the launch of SmartArt, it’s new range of innovative and decorative panels for use in interior design. Produced on a 6mm MDF core, the panel is laminated on both sides with a specifically chosen range of “Art” based designs. These bold decors will lift and complement the look of any environment.

SmartArt is an inexpensive way to add an artistic look to a space. The product is easy to fit so your new look is achieved in minimal time and with minimal fuss. The 3040mm x 1215mm x 8mm panel size allows for the panels to run from floor to ceiling for a seamless finish. SmartArt can also cover larger areas. The panels can easily be joined edge to edge or with a decorative strip, depending on the desired look.

Laminated with different decor on either side, SmartArt is a fantastic universal panel offering little to no waste as either side can be used. It is an ideal focal point in any setting, whether retail, commercial or even in your own home.

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