Natural Environment

Environmental Policy

At Topform, we recognise our responsibility to protect the environment for generations to come. That’s why we’re committed to sustainable practices in everything we do, from sourcing materials to developing our products and minimising our impact on the planet.




Our Commitment

The Management and staff at Topform are fully aware of the impact of operations at Topform on the Environment.  It pledges to commit to continual improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and internal polices and procedures to minimize this impact for the greater good of the planet.

Identify and establish current energy consumption and overall site energy balance and associated carbon emissions

Monitor and actively seek to reduce our energy and water consumption

Reduce, Reuse or recycle as much waste as possible

Protect our surrounding biodiversity and ecosystems

Educate and engage staff in the efficient use of energy and water on the site

Operate and maintain the various systems within the building in an energy efficient manner

Form a sustainability team to lead energy and environmental measures

Identify, implement, and track the impact of energy conservation measures

Set and review annual energy targets and objectives

Achieve and surpass established best practices for energy and water consumption

Implement energy efficiency opportunities that provide for a viable economic return on investment

Our Responsibilities

Management at Topform have pledged their commitment to support the objectives of the EnergyManagement Action Plan and Energy Policy.  Appropriate resources are set aside to support this objective

Topform will ensure:


That this Energy Policy is communicated to and made available for viewing to all employeesand members of thegeneral  publicthrough display at the reception area and made available on our website


That this Energy Policy is reviewedand updated on an annualbasis


That energy consumption, costs and carbonemissions are reportedmonthly to management


That progressmade towards achieving improved sustainability, reducingenergy and carbon emissions for the facilityis communicated to staff on a regularbasis

Sign Off

Paul Glynn

Managing Director


Date of Effect – 16th June 2023