8 Tips and Tricks for Good Kitchen Worktop Design

Our Technical design team have put together a selection of helpful tips and tricks for you to simplify your kitchen design. Enjoy.

Tips for cutting your Kitchen Workshop

1. Make sure that the blades used are sharp. White pencils are perfect for making out where cuts/joints will appear on dark coloured worktops.

2. Make sure that the blade cuts 3-5mm deeper than the worktop itself (bear in mind that most worktops have a nominal thickness of between 28-40mm)

3. Cut from the underside of the top. Start the cut from the postformed/finished edge.

4. If the cut has to be made from the top of the worktop, the application of masking tape along the line of the proposed cut will reduce chipping/damage to the worktop.

5. Use a router to achieve clean joints.

6. Always use waterproof glue on joined worktops.

7. Use dog-bolts and biscuits when joining to achieve a superior finish.

8. Minor scuffs or abrasions on the surface/glue line of the worktop can be addressed using permanent markers. Perfect for quick and effective repairs.