TopWood: TopForm’s Range of Solid Wood Worktops

“Lasting beauty that won’t cost the earth”

To create a natural, authentic look in your kitchen, choose TopWood, our solid wood worktop. Strong, stable and versatile, a TopWood wooden worktop will mature with age and last a lifetime. We are passionate about our solid wood worktops, selecting only the best species worldwide.

Light Walnut, a décor from our TopWood range of Carrera Marble Décor from our square edge kitchen worktop range

Benefits of a Solid Wood Worktop

TopWood with its square edged profile, is easy to install, maintain and repair is a stunning wooden worktops that also works as a conversation starter. Importantly, Topform wooden countertops are extremely hygienic and suitable for the safe preparation of food. TopWood is more than just wooden countertops and is also suitable for a wide variety of installations. Available in 4 species: Light Steamed Beech, Iroko, European Oak & American Walnut.

TopWood Features:

It is important to note that all TopWood timber tops are manufactured specifically for kitchen worktops. The difference is the jointing system employed to give a life time of carefree and hassle free use. It is important to use our recommended oil and brackets, which allows for natural movement in a solid wood worktop and also for your warranty and peace of mind.

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