TopPlus - Superior Quality Postformed Kitchen Worktop

“Innovative design, superior quality worktop, plus a whole lot more…”

Stepping up the ladder in terms of quality you will find our TopPlus postformed kitchen worktop range. This is Topform’s premium range of laminate kitchen worktops. TopPlus combines impressive and innovative design features, aimed at satisfying the needs of quality-conscious customers when looking for laminate worktops. Our TopPlus range has gained in popularity to become the largest range of kitchen worktops in the market.

Benefits of Using a Postformed Kitchen Worktop

All TopPlus kitchen worktops are now offered on the popular tight radii profile, combining the best of materials and the most technically advanced manufacturing equipment and processes.

Manufactured from high quality materials, TopPlus, postformed kitchen worktops are available in a multitude of vibrant colours and textures. TopPlus guarantees you advanced performance and a unique look for your kitchen without complicating the fitting process.

TopPlus Features:

Our TopPlus postformed kitchen worktops are perfect for use in renovations, new house builds and indeed all kitchen designs. The laminate worktop colours and texture finishes on our ranges complement a wide range of tastes and look great in most of today’s fashionable interiors. We guarantee that you will have a size and colour for every occasion and for every kitchen.

Worktop Accessories to Accompany your TopPlus Postformed Kitchen Worktop

Once your postformed kitchen worktop has been selected, Topform offers a range of additional kitchen worktop accessories to finish off your dream kitchen. All of TopPlus laminate worktops can be selected in the following matching accessories:

These additional kitchen accessories can add to the overall look and design of the kitchen, see product matrix for details.